3 Tools to Resolve (Almost) Any Conflict

Conflict is a natural result of trying to get things done with other people–we have different perspectives and want different things. It’s easy for that to turn into a battle of egos, but it doesn't have to. You can move through conflict gracefully, coming out of it with better outcomes, both in terms of the decision and the relationship. In this episode, Peter and Richard share the 3 tools they find most useful for resolving conflict and producing great outcomes. Read More

What Leaders Need to Know About Leading Agile Teams

Leaders have a huge impact on whether Agile teams in their organization are going to be successful or not. In this episode, Peter and Richard share the most important things leaders need to know if they want to help their Agile teams get the best results. Read More

Fix Your Meetings with DAVID

People spend a ton of time in meetings these days, and too many meetings are just a waste of time. In this episode, Peter and Richard talk through how to determine which meetings are worth having and which can go asynchronous, and they introduce the DAVID approach to ensuring the meeting you do have are worth the time. Read More

Alistair Cockburn on Use Cases & User Stories

Are use cases an essential partner to user stories for Agile teams? Agile Manifesto co-author Alistair Cockburn thinks so. In this episode, Richard and Peter discuss use cases and user stories with Alistair, including some practical steps to get started with lightweight use cases as a complementary tool for your Agile product development. Read More

Feature Hostage Negotiation

Have you or your team ever felt like prioritizing your work is like a hostage negotiation with your stakeholders…and you don’t have the leverage to get a good outcome? In this episode, Richard chats with Dean Peters about what he calls “feature hostage negotiation.” They dig into where it comes from, what problems it causes, and how to respond if you’re a product manager in that situation. Read More

How to Set the Right Goals for 2024

It’s January, and people are setting goals and New Year’s resolutions. But how do you pick the right ones? It can be overwhelming, and you can end up picking no goal at all or just picking ones that are easy to define. In this episode, Richard and Peter share a simple process using the Theory of Constraints to find just the right personal and work goals for 2024. Read More

When Your Team Inspects But Doesn’t Adapt

In this episode, Richard and Peter give actionable advice for how to get unstuck when your team’s retrospectives produce lots of good ideas for change but never seem to lead to actual changes getting implemented. They share an agenda for a special retrospective you can do to address that exact challenge. Read More