We are growing the worldwide Humanizing Work movement by helping individuals, teams, and organizations work more effectively. 

We can help you in a few ways:

Grow my skills

Modern product development work is fast-paced, complex, and demanding. The skills that served you yesterday won’t be enough for tomorrow.

We come alongside our individual clients to help them grow to meet new challenges and achieve their goals. Sometimes this happens in workshops—product management, facilitation, leadership. Sometimes it’s one-on-one coaching. Sometimes it’s targeted online training to develop a particular set of skills.

Join us in an upcoming public workshop or online course.

Or contact us to discuss your goals and how we might help you grow into them.

Help my team work better

While individual skills are essential, the magic really happens when a group of great individuals start functioning as a real team.

Through workshops and coaching, we help teams learn to collaborate on meaningful, innovative work every day.

We’d love to help your team start working in a new way or just accelerate your growth. Let’s talk.

Transform my organization

Ultimately, even the best team needs the right organizational context to thrive.

Organizational transformation is more than installing a big framework and calling it a day. Real transformation is dynamic, ongoing, human-centered, and complexity-aware.

We work with our clients to envision a healthy future organization, design and run pilot experiments, and scale out change in a human-friendly way.

Contact us to find out what this approach might look like for your organization.