Agile CPG Innovation with Vivian Rhoads

What I’ve learned is that personal and human development is at the core of everything, so I’ve done a lot more coaching, mentoring, and focusing on individual development. I’ve found great joy in the transformations that I have experienced and seen with people on the team–life changing insights. It’s just incredible.

In this episode, Richard and Peter interview Vivian Rhoads, President of the Women’s Health business unit at Pharmavite. Vivian has adapted ideas and practices from agile software development to build highly-productive innovation teams in the vitamin and supplement space. Vivian’s work at Pharmavite reduced their cycle time for new innovations from a few years down to a few months and increased throughput from a 1 or 2 new products each year to a few dozen. This episode has great insights for anyone trying to take agile beyond the typical software context.

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