HW Conference Participants
We host two big annual events as well as public workshops throughout the year.

Public Workshops

We regularly host public workshops, including the following Scrum Alliance certified courses:

Upcoming Workshops

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The Humanizing Work Conference

The Humanizing Work Conference is an annual conference for the Humanizing Work community. Practitioners of Agile product development and other human-friendly work approaches gather each summer for advanced learning and fun. It’s a conference in the truest sense of the word—sessions don’t just present content; participants create new ideas together. Join our mailing list to get be the first to be notified about the next conference.

Senior Leadership Retreat

In December 2019, we hosted our first Humanizing Work Senior Leadership Retreat in San Diego, California. The participants were an invited group of C-level leaders who are pushing the frontier of the Humanizing Work movement in their organizations. They brought their best ideas and hardest challenges and worked together for 3 days.

Like the conference, the Senior Leadership Retreat took a hiatus for 2020-2021 due to the pandemic, but it’s scheduled to resume meeting in San Diego on Nov 7-8, 2023. Click here to learn more.