Leading Organizational Transformation (CAL) Training

Learn the principles and patterns used by the leaders of the most Agile organizations in the world

What does transformative leadership look like?

  • Your organization can reinvent itself as needed to adapt to changes in markets, opportunities, and your people’s needs and capabilities
  • Everyone is crystal-clear on the Vision, Values, and Principles that matter here.
  • The organization grows more and more capable of delivering on its goals, supported by an ever-increasing level of technical and interpersonal skill.
  • You continuously improve the systems that help create human outcomes like engagement and innovation, along with the objective ones that create flow and eliminate waste.
  • You can lead the change from a deep awareness of how complex systems work.
  • You end your day feeling calm and prepared instead of stressed out that you’ve missed something important.

The best leaders know how to make that happen every day. And you can learn their secrets in Humanizing Work’s Leading Organizational Transformation workshop.

Discover what sets the most forward-thinking organizations apart from the crowd, the leadership principles that guided the creation of those organizations, and how to send clear culture signals about your values, principles, and priorities that will start to shift it in the right direction. Explore a new way to think about complexity and planning, and how the Agile movement is really just a description of the trade-offs needed to lead effectively through uncertain outcomes. Gain the ability to take an Agile approach to leading change, creatinging the small, probing changes that can create cultural tipping-points, all while using the inevitable resistance to your change as a resource. Understand how you are built to grow in your leadership capability, and a potential path to growth that will reduce the high burden felt by every leader that cares about their work.

Come prepared to participate! Instead of death-by-PowerPoint, Humanizing Work’s brain-friendly training style means you’ll dig deep into fascinating and diverse case studies, learn by doing, and practice your new skills. Whether in-person or virtual, Humanizing Work provides engaging, practice-driven training experiences.

You’ll find out how to harness complexity and change for your advantage. You’ll see how to build learning into your organization. And you’ll uncover new ways to unlock your unique and individual leadership gifts.

With successful course completion, you achieve the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership CAL-E and CAL-O designations (essentials and organization).

What to expect

We take training and learning seriously and take your decision to spend time advancing your skills and improving yourself seriously. As such, we use the latest training approaches and techniques, and we bring energy and fun, to ensure you have the best possible experience and learn as much as possible.

  • Brain-based training to dramatically increase learning and retention
  • Expect to be challenged and look at ways you need to change to help your team be more successful
  • Opportunities throughout the course to focus on your real-world situations
  • Advanced and cutting-edge skills and techniques to deal with the specific challenges you are facing
  • In-depth engagement with your instructors and fellow attendees. If you are looking for a dry lecture, this class is NOT for you!
  • Interactive, fun, and experiential learning — increasing safety and retention — laughing helps learning

Course Topics & Learning Objectives

Take advantage of our industry experience and immerse yourself in the key skills and practices you need to succeed as an Agile Leader. Throughout this course, you’ll:

  • Explore the mindset of effective leaders, especially how to think about complexity and change and their impact on people and outcomes
  • Understand what Agile really means and why it matters beyond software development
  • Learn key practices and tools for leaders to effectively create outcomes that matter

By the end of our time together, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe Agile as a series of intentional trade-offs for leading effectively in complex, uncertain conditions
  • Share examples of next-generation Agile organizations in highly divergent industries, geographies, and contexts
  • Understand the important role of communicating through Culture Signals in establishing shared values and priorities
  • Use a simple language pattern that increases engagement almost immediately
  • Describe the Three Jobs of Agile Management, and how to balance the human and objective sides of those jobs
  • Understand the Layers of Resistance and how to use resistance as a resource
  • Describe the four characteristics of effective organizational change experiments
  • Craft a “tipping point” experiment that creates fast learning with the potential for quickly spreading new ideas
  • Understand how Reactive and Creative approaches to leadership create very different outcomes
  • Pick a potential path to unlock your own increased leadership potential

Who should attend

This course is for you if:

  • You’re an executive tasked with leading an Agile adoption or transformation
  • You are a stakeholder in an organization that is adopting an agile approach
  • You wish you could humanize your own work and aren’t sure where to start
  • You’re a ScrumMaster or Agile Coach that is addresing impediments and improvement outside of the team
  • You’re making the transition from traditional management to agile management
  • You just want to take your own leadership skills to the next level

Continuing Education Credits and Certification

This LOT course earns 14 PMI PDUs or Scrum Alliance SEUs.

All LOT courses from Humanizing Work are taught by Certified Scrum Trainers. Successfully completing an LOT course and accepting the license agreement provides you with the Certified Agile Leadership Essentials and Organizations credentials, indicating you’ve been introduced to and understand the basic concepts of Agile Leadership and Organizational Agility.

Private Courses & Training

Bring this training into your organization! Public courses are great for individuals or small groups to grow their skills in a cost-effective way. But there’s nothing like a private workshop that just includes people from your organization. Private workshops allow you to dig deep into your unique challenges and opportunities.

For information about private workshops, group discounts or questions, contact us.

Upcoming Workshops

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