A Breakthrough in Hiring with TheraSpecs

We had several experiences of hiring somebody we thought was going to be great, who seemed awesome in the interview process, and who gave us all the answers we were looking for. And then we would get into working with them, and they weren’t engaging with either their job or the processes that we had set up in the way that we had hoped for.

People would express their desire for more autonomy, more decision-making, and we present all these ways they could actually do that, and we found a lot of the time people would back away from that and not engage with the ways they could take that on.

The only thing that interviewing tells you is whether somebody’s good at interviewing.

Hiring is hard everywhere. But it’s particularly challenging for human-centric organizations that want to hire for self-organization and collaboration. The differences between good and bad candidates are hard—or impossible—to determine from resume reviews and traditional job interviews.

In this episode, Peter and Richard share a breakthrough hiring approach developed by their friends Hart Shafer and Annette Zinky of TheraSpecs. You’ll hear the story of how and why Hart and Annette developed a new way of hiring, and you’ll learn how to implement a similar method to transform your own hiring.

Another client who just tried a little of this approach for a key position told us, “It felt like I suddenly had interviewing superpowers!”

Additional Resources

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Video Chapters

00:00 Intro – Hiring is Hard, Everywhere
01:43 Part 1 – We Need a New Lens–The Birth of TheraSpecs
12:36 Part 2 – The Struggle is Real–Hiring Issues at TheraSpecs
21:17 Part 3 – Cracking the Code–How TheraSpecs Broke Through
26:19 Part 4 – It’s the Attributes–The Characteristics of People Who Will Thrive
33:35 Part 5 – Uncovering Your Attributes–Interviewing Employees to Discover Attributes
35:56 Part 6 – Interviewing For Attributes–Asking Differential Situations Questions Where There’s No Right Answer (Or Wrong One)
40:58 Part 7 – Let’s Get It In Writing–Using Written Interviews
43:59 Part 8 – Maybe I’m A Little Biased–Addressing Cognitive Bias in Hiring
47:14 Part 9 – Widening The Funnel–Adding a Logic Screener
49:49 Part 10 – Let’s Get Together–The In Person Interview
53:49 Part 11 – The Team Interview–Last Check For Red Flags
58:01 Part 12 – Pain-Free Reference Checks?!?
58:51 Part 13 – Two Job Descriptions, Internal and External
1:00:42 Part 14 – Three Minute Overview of the Entire TheraSpecs Process
1:03:52 Part 15 – An Example Of This Working Well
1:07:26 Part 16 – Where Should We Start?
1:08:51 Part 17 – Where Might We Screw Up?
1:13:27 Part 18 – Why Is Humanizing Work Worth It?

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