Mark Ethier, founder of iZotope

I believe that the work we do to make organizations that are great places to work is also what is going to create very high performing companies. I’m looking forward to a world where we just accept that as fact, where we believe that our biggest responsibility as leaders of organizations is to create places where people want to work, are inspired, fulfilled and supported, and can experience work as having a connection to their life and purpose in a way that goes beyond just having a 9-5 job.

In this episode, Richard and Peter talk with Mark Ethier, founder of leading audio production software company iZotope. Even if you’ve never heard of iZotope, you’ve heard the results of their products—they’ve won Emmy, Oscar, and NAMM awards for their contributions to TV, film, and music production.

Among other topics in this dense episode, Richard, Peter, and Mark discuss how iZotope went through different “stages” of Agile, what Mark has learned in two decades as a leader, how to develop managers, and the future of work and of music.

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Books & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Designing Your Life
The E-Myth
Surgeon General’s report on workplace wellness

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