The Surgeon General Has Something to Say About Humanizing Work

We can’t change the world this week, or even this year. But we can make small changes in our sphere of influence, and then another one after that, and start incrementally improving to where, one day, as the surgeon general said it: ‘Workplaces Can Be Engines of Mental Health and Well-Being.’ That’s a future worth working towards.

In this episode, Richard and Peter look into a recent report from the US Surgeon General on “Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being” as well as the business media’s puzzling reporting on it. Spoiler alert: the Surgeon General has a lot to say about why making work fit humans matters and the mainstream business media can’t make sense of it.

Resources from the Episode

Surgeon General Report Overview
Surgeon General Full Report
WSJ Article
Self-Determination Theory
Drive by Dan Pink
Primed to Perform by Neel Doshi & Lindsay McGregor

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