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Learn how to structure your backlog to have the right detail at the right time and deliver value every day.

I originally suggested including “Masterclass” in our new 80/20 Product Backlog Refinement course, and we chose not to because we’ve seen how the term has been overused in marketing—often exaggerating or overhyping what’s offered. But this course really is just that. It’s the masterclass for backlog refinement.

Photo of Peter GreenPeter Green
Humanizing Work Co-Founder, Trainer, and Coach

The Skills Essential for Success

Finish bannerThis self-paced course will teach skills essential to the successful Product Owner/Manager and anyone else who has responsibility for the direction of a product at any level of detail. It shares a set of proven techniques for finding the high-value, high-learning slices to maximize impact and minimize risk.

Our newly updated 80/20 Product Ownership course, taught by expert trainer and coach, Richard Lawrence, uses the same brain-friendly instruction approach that makes our live training so effective and popular.

Richard Lawrence & 80/20 Backlog Refinement

What’s New

I created the original 80/20 Product Ownership course in 2015 as a way to make my best story splitting and backlog refinement content available to people who couldn’t afford an in-person workshop or coaching session with me, as well as to give people an on-demand resource they could keep coming back to.

Since then, I’ve taught this material live to over 2,000 people from over 300 different organizational contexts. I’ve continued refining both the content and the teaching methods to ensure our clients get the results they’re looking for.

Our forthcoming 80/20 Product Backlog Refinement online course is the result of this real-world experimentation and improvement. Peter and I have created a whole new set of videos on agile planning, feature mining, user stories, story splitting, and backlog management. It’s all our latest content, taught in the ways that have worked best for our clients.

People have been able to get this updated material in our live workshops. I’m excited to make it available to a wider audience with this new course.

Photo of Richard LawrenceRichard Lawrence
Humanizing Work Founder, Trainer, and Coach

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