Agile Brigade Meetup

Thanks for attending the Agile Brigade Meetup! Richard enjoyed the time with you.

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80/20 Product Ownership

80/20 Product Ownership teaches a set of proven techniques for finding the high-value, high-learning slices to maximize impact and minimize risk. In this online self-guided course, you’ll learn how to split big ideas into valuable features, features into compelling user stories, and big user stories into slices of value you can deliver every day. You’ll also learn how to structure your backlog to have just the right detail at the right time, getting rid of those long, painful backlog grooming meetings. These are essential skills for Product Owners and for anyone else who has responsibility for the direction of a product at any level of detail.

Here’s what another Agile trainer had to say about 80/20 Product Ownership:

I ALWAYS refer my PO clients to this training. They consistently report an increased understanding of the PO role.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner Workshop

Learn the secrets of the most successful Product Owners. Discover how you can quickly figure out where to start, get feedback fast, and recognize what to do next. Explore a new way to think about complexity and planning. Gain the ability to identify early value and mitigate risk—even on large efforts—as you become a more effective Product Owner for any Scrum team.

Past attendees shared the following feedback on this course:

Great training! The tools, techniques and material reviewed during the training is far beyond what is mentioned in the Scrum guidelines. Plus the actual working experience from the trainers and the fact that they share it with us was a big win.

Learned so much in this class. I was able to take what I learned and apply it the very next day.

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Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Program

Advanced CSPO picks up where our CSPO workshop leaves off. Rather than a 2-day course, however, it’s a 6-week hands-on education program. Participants gather in a cohort each week in a 90-minute video call to review the previous week’s homework, learn a new concept, and get the next week’s practice assignment. During the week, participants practice the new concept on their real product, often with mid-week feedback and iteration from the instructors. This immediate and incremental application produces incredible learning outcomes.

Past attendees shared the following feedback on this course:

A fantastic mix of the tactical and strategic, always grounded in empiricism and always approachable.

I am always frustrated by courses that introduce ideals without helping you understand the tradeoffs and pragmatic realities that will need to be considered along the way. This course really nailed the balance between information that both inspires you to do your work better and more enjoyably, and also getting you to put those ideas into practice so you can make them your own.

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On the Humanizing Work Show, we explore themes related to Humanizing Work, including leadership, teams, collaboration, and motivation. Agile Software Development is a common topic, but the application of Humanizing Work goes way beyond software.

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