Product Owner

Story Splitting Q&A

Bite-sized story splitting Q&A for when you don’t need the full "Humanizing Work Guide to Splitting User Stories" Read More

Cultivating Good Luck

“We just got lucky.” “That was bad luck.” Luck feels like a thing that just happens to us, whether good or bad. But what… Read More

Prioritization Heuristics

When we survey Product Owners on the techniques they (actually, not officially) use to prioritize backlogs, we consistently get three answers: HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s… Read More

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training

Learn the secrets of the most successful Scrum Product Owners What if you could feel confident that your product backlog holds just the right details at the right time? You have clarity and alignment on what the most important work is. Your team has the information they need to create… Read More

On the Value of Product Owner Training

I love teaching Product Owner classes because the PO is in such a high-leverage role. The PO's work affects the work of 7, 9, maybe even 18 other people. And it's not difficult to triple the value delivered by a Scrum team, simply by improving their PO's skills in a few key ways. Let's look at the financial impact of that change... Read More

Making Info Visible for Better Decisions

A key part of the ScrumMaster's or Product Owner's job is making information visible.* Whether that's a product backlog, taskboard, cumulative flow diagram, or a one-off visual for a specific need, good visuals lead to better decisions. Here are four principles for doing it well... Read More

Vertical Slices and Scale

Last week, I tweeted, Working in thin vertical slices is the keystone habit for agile software development. It enables so many other good practices. — Richard Lawrence (@rslawrence) June 22, 2016 Read More

Turn The Ship Around – A View Into Agile Leadership

Note: This post is adapted from some posts that I originally created on Adobe's blog while I was an employee there. I recently finished reading former U.S. Navy Submarine Commander David Marquet’s book “Turn the Ship Around". It is a powerful story of learning what leadership means and the struggles Marquet had putting it into place in his role as commander of the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Santa Fe (SSN 763). Read More