Certification & Education Units Earned

Thank you for participating in a Humanizing Work workshop or program.

This page provides information on Certification, Scrum Education Units (SEUs) with the Scrum Alliance, and Professional Development Units (PDUs) with the Project Management Institute.

Scrum Certification

The Scrum Alliance (system@scrumalliance.org) will contact you within 1 business day of course completion to provide information on accessing your certification account, accepting licensing terms, and/or accessing your certification exam, as applicable. If you don’t receive a communication from system@scrumalliance.org within that timeline, please check your spam/junk folder.

The clock on your 2-year certification starts immediately, regardless of when you log into your account, so we recommend attending to certification requirements right away.

Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

Scrum Certification Courses

Scrum Education Units (SEUs) earned from the completion of a certification course serves you in the following ways:

    1. It earns you the specific course certification.
    2. It renews any Scrum Alliance certifications you previously earned that have expired.

Non-certification Courses

SEUs earned from the completion of non-certification courses can be logged to meet certification renewal requirements. See the table below for the number of SEUs you have earned by participating in specific training courses.

More information regarding SEUs can be found at the Scrum Alliance.

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Those seeking certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI) should reference the table below to confirm the number of PDUs earned by completing specific trainings with Humanizing Work.

We are not a registered provider with PMI, so you’ll need to type in The Humanizing Work Company LLC and hit the enter/return key on your keyboard when claiming PDUs. You may also need the following details:

  • Provider Address: 10255 E 25th Ave, Unit 7, Aurora, CO 80010
  • Provider Phone: 303.729.3680
  • Provider Email: info@humanizingwork.com
  • Provider Website: www.humanizingwork.com

Not sure which category your PDUs fit in? Select the category that best aligns with your application of the course materials. This resource from PMI may also be helpful.

SEUs and PDUs Earned

Course Type SEUs PDUs
Agile for Teams 19 19
Certified ScrumMaster 16 16
Certified Scrum Product Owner 16 16
Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner 16 16
Leading Organizational Transformation 16 16
Humanizing Work Annual Advanced Training Event 21 18