Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – Jun 2024 (Virtual)

Jun 11–12, 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm MT (Denver)

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There’s some real magic when Scrum is done well in the right context.

There are a few keys to helping teams use Scrum effectively, and I’m excited to share those keys in our CSM workshop. The things you’ll learn will help you and your teams see immediate improvement in the next few weeks and continuous improvement for years to come.

Photo of Peter GreenPeter Green
Humanizing Work Co-Founder, Trainer, and Coach

Not Just a Scrum Bootcamp

Finish bannerMost CSM courses are a bootcamp in how Scrum works, according to the official Scrum Guide. And while Scrum is a great starting point for a team, it’s also pretty straightforward to understand. An understanding of how Scrum works has made only a small dent in how teams across the world work. Because teams need much more than a framework to succeed in today’s challenging climate.

With 20 years experience leading agile teams, we know what else they need to succeed. Great agile teams need need skilled leadership. And so, in addition to a very pragmatic overview of how Scrum works and why, our CSM focuses on the foundations and skills needed to lead great teams. Those skills work for software teams, where Scrum was born. But more than half of our clients today are not in the software industry at all. What it takes to lead great teams that are trying to deliver something new and interesting to the world doesn’t change that much from industry to industry. This CSM shares the key skills that apply to team leadership broadly.

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Most Teams Significantly Underperform

Research shows that most teams underperform relative to their potential. External challenges include unclear purpose and strategy, unrealistic deadlines, and ineffective team structure and support. Internal factors include unresolved personal conflicts, outdated or poorly chosen processes, and missing or ineffective decision making approaches.

Enabling Exceptional Agile Teams

If you’re in a team leadership role, whether that be a ScrumMaster, Delivery Manager, Functional Manager, or a Team Lead, it’s your job to guide your team to exceptional results. You need to address those external and internal challenges head on. While there is an art to great team leadership, there are also time tested techniques that can be learned and applied on any team. This CSM course is focused on providing you the tools to do just that through four sections: Foundations of Agile, Team Coaching, Pragmatic Scrum for Teams, and Meeting Facilitation with DAVID.

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Foundations of Agile

Agile teams focus, collaborate, deliver, and continuously improve. In this section, we introduce the foundational principles that you will use to help your team do just that. Beginning with the Cynefin Framework by David Snowden, we explore how not all work is the same; it can be sorted into four domains with different strategies for each domain. We then show how the agile movement emerged to manage work that needed a new strategy to succeed. Finally, we see how the 6 Conditions of Effective Teams, uncovered by decades of research by Harvard professors J. Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman, connect the dots between Cynefin, Agile, and team success. These time-tested foundations set the stage for high-performing teams to deliver exceptional results.

Team Coaching

One of the six conditions is effective team coaching. How do you help a team that is stuck to breakthrough? In this section, we share our favorite model for coaching and practice the two essential skills of great coaches: self-awareness and investigation. Great athletes hire coaches. Great teams need the same. This section increases your ability to coach your team, bringing them to a higher level of individual and collective performance.

Why Scrum Works When it Works

This is, after all, a Certified Scrum Master course, and we need to cover a set of learning objectives in order to offer the certification. We’ll cover the basics of Scrum in some self-guided prework, then focus this instructor-led section on why the components of Scrum exist, what common team and organizational challenges they’re intended to address. With this deeper understanding of the why, you’re better prepared as a team leader to know how to apply it to your team’s real world challenges, what to emphasize, what not to push too hard, and how to explain each of those to your team members, whether they’re Scrum champions or skeptics.

Meeting Facilitation with DAVID

Finally, we tackle the most complained about part of Scrum: all the meetings! No one wants to attend a meeting just to check a box, and that extends well beyond Scrum events. In this section, we work through our custom DAVID model, sharing five concrete skills you can use to improve any meeting you’re leading, whether it’s related to Scrum or not. Even experienced business leaders find ways to improve their meetings in this section.

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Why Choose Our CSM Training?

Expert Instruction: Gain insights from industry expert Peter Green, who has over 20 years industry experience and has helped 1000s of professionals and hundreds of organizations get better results while improving their culture and engagement. Peter led the Agile transformation at Adobe Systems from 2005 through 2015, and has helped countless organizations across industries transform since then.

Experiential learning. This is not a death-by-powerpoint workshop. You’ll learn by doing throughout the workshop in exercises and simulations designed to help you practice new skills.

Deep understanding. You’ll learn not only what Scrum is, but also how to do it in a variety of contexts, constraints, and cultures — and you’ll understand what Scrum means to you, your team, and your organization.

Practical application. The skills you gain can be put into practice right away with meaningful results the very next week

Continuing Education Credits and Certification: By completing this course, you’ll earn 16 PMI PDUs or 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs and your CSPO certification.

Team Leadership skills that will set you up for success

  • How to create the conditions for high-performance on your team
  • How to facilitate the Scrum Events so that your team actually looks forward to productive decisions and improvements
  • How to coach individuals and the team collectively so that they take ownership and feel a sense of growth and mastery
  • How to resolve tough conflicts
  • How to influence other stakeholders so your team has the support they need to succeed

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Hear What Past Participants Say

“Perfect coursework for anyone who wants to learn Agile & Scrum. Learn by doing!”

    – Jim ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I attended Peter Green’s CSM training in a virtual format. As someone who has had the pleasure of attending Peter’s in-person CSPO training last year, I was worried about the format and possibly not getting as much out of the class as before. Peter Green’s amazing implementation of online collaboration tools and Zoom made the class just as engaging as an in-person training (if not better)!”

    – Kevin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“This turned out to be such a good collaborative and interactive course that I often forgot we were not all in a room together.”

    – Cindi ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“The training was effective, engaging, and relevant. Although it was a virtual course, it was more effective than any in person course I have taken.”

    – Racquel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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About Your Trainer

Peter Green Photo of Peter Green

Peter helps leaders discover how to create the outcomes they care about the most. He draws on a unique combination of deep empathy and keen insight developed by an almost stubborn insistence on staying actively involved in seemingly disconnected fields, including the creative arts, business, psychology, leadership, organizational design, and philosophy. Peter majored in music composition at Arizona State University. He is an in-demand trumpet player and recording engineer.

At Adobe Systems, Peter led an Agile transformation that enabled the shift to a subscription business model. He co-developed the Certified Agile Leadership program for the Scrum Alliance. He has trained, coached, and advised dozens of organizations to create outcomes that range from leadership development, to creating vision and strategy, to creating a culture of innovation, to clarifying and validating customer segments and needs, to reinventing business models and products, to creating high performing, Agile teams.

Peter is a Certified Scrum Trainer, a graduate of the ORSC coaching system, a certified Leadership Agility and Leadership Circle coach, a certified Innovation Games practitioner, and the co-founder of the Humanizing Work company. He is an avid reader and idea-combiner. He is a firm believer in the power of range and a growth mindset. He spends his working hours dedicated to nudging the world of work towards a more human-centric, meaningful, and prosperous future. He spends his other waking hours enjoying time with his wife and five kids, running, hiking, playing golf, and making music and visual arts.

Continuing Education Credits & Certification

This CSM course earns 16 PMI PDUs or Scrum Alliance SEUs.

All CSM courses from Humanizing Work are taught by Peter Green, a Certified Scrum Trainer. Successfully completing a CSM course and accepting the license agreement allows you to take the Scrum Alliance CSM exam. When you pass the exam, you receive the Certified Scrum Master certification, digital badge, and two years of membership in the Scrum Alliance.

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Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – Jun 2024 (Virtual)
Jun 11–12, 2024
9:00am - 5:00pm MT (Denver)

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