HW 2022 Wed PM Event Sign-up

Sep 1–2, 2022
12:00 am MDT

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Register for one (and only one) of the following adventures scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, Sept 28th (please disregard the Sept 1-2 dates noted above).

Again, you are limited to registering for one adventure. Since space is limited, so please double-check your registration before you submit it! If you inadvertently register for more than one adventure, the HW team will select one for you based on adventure availability.

Exploring Applied Improv

The Agile Manifesto asks us to value responding to change over following a plan. Perhaps no art form embraces this notion as fully as improvisational theatre. The same techniques that improvisers employ to collaborate in performance can help us build better products. This highly interactive workshop will explore what improvisers do, how they do it, and what tools we can borrow to help our teams share ideas, information, decisions, and solutions.

Learning from Nature, Hiking, Photos, and Fun

Take a hike!* Join this session to get outside and look at things from a new perspective—possibly seeing things you might not normally notice! We talk a lot in agileland about silence, listening, and complexity. Let’s take those words into our hike and see what happens. You’ll be invited to take photos (any picture taking device, like your cellphone, can be used), though photography is not required. We’ll also practice Leave No Trace (LNT), so everything we take up, we take back. Come hike with us to find out how some of the concepts experienced and practiced can have applications for how we lead and work with others.

Mountain Goga

Yoga involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing—but in Vail, you get to enjoy it in the crisp mountain air. A regular yoga practice can promote endurance, strength, calmness, flexibility, and well-being. But what happens when you add small goats that jump, bump heads, sleep, and play around—sometimes on you? Join us for Mountain Goga (goat + yoga) and enter into a new experience of letting go and going with the flow.

Segway to Leaning In

The phrase “lean in” has been used and abused in different ways—sometimes a far cry from reminding oneself (or others) to listen, learn, and grow. How can we tap into expanding our understanding of the experience of others and incorporate that in our daily lives rather than being guided by pressure, fear, or the comfort of our own daily existence? Join us for a scenic segway tour and practice leaning in to your surroundings!

What Will You Axeccentuate

When we’re targeting a goal, what are we focused on? Are we being thoughtful about the stance we take, the right tools to use, and the safety of those around us? Join this adventure to try your hand at axe throwing and think through how concepts learned/experienced can apply to your life and work!

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HW 2022 Wed PM Event Sign-up
Sep 1–2, 2022
12:00 am MDT

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