Meetup Replay–A Path to Real Empowerment

I see leaders do this all the time where they really want to do the right thing and share authority. Then a decision happens that they didn’t like, and they say ‘whoa, don’t make that decision!’ That’s not empowerment, that is exactly the thing we’re trying to avoid. This approach helps leaders anticipate those situations and go after them proactively.

These days, every leader seems to want empowered individuals and teams. But how do you actually get real empowerment? Just saying, “You’re empowered!” doesn’t seem to work reliably. In this Humanizing Work Community Meetup session, we explored a step-by-step path to increasing an individual or team’s empowerment in a particular area of responsibility. We walk through how to use this approach on two real examples, a COO that wants to empower their team to make M&A decisions, and a Product Leader that wants to empower developers to own decisions around a big change to the pricing model.

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Humanizing Work’s 3 Jobs of Management Model

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The 3 Jobs of Management: Adding Value in a World of Highly-Empowered Teams (virtual, instructor-led) – A half-day workshop on Nov 9, 2023
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