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Release Date: Nov 14, 2023

Learn how to structure your backlog to have the right detail at the right time and deliver value every day.

Do you or your product owners experience one or more of the following?

  • Managing an overflowing backlog
  • Dealing with a tedious and/or ineffective backlog refinement process
  • Struggling to align key stakeholders
  • Ensuring alignment between business goals and development efforts
  • Navigating an unclear project/product roadmap
  • Ambiguous or overly detailed user stories
  • Having too many important things to do and never enough capacity to do them

A New Course from Humanizing Work

Finish banner80/20 Product Backlog Refinement teaches skills essential to the successful Product Owner/Manager and anyone else who has responsibility for the direction of a product at any level of detail. This self-paced course shares a set of proven techniques for finding the high-value, high-learning slices to maximize impact and minimize risk.

You’ll learn breakthrough solutions for:

  • The prioritization problem
  • Estimating complex backlog items

And you’ll understand:

  • How complexity explains, “Where should we start?” “How much detail is appropriate in this backlog item?” and, “How should our team work together on this item?”
  • The characteristics of effective user stories
  • Why the obvious way to split a workflow Is wrong…and what to do instead
  • How stakeholder management can be structured and proactive
  • How to forecast scope and dates in a way that accounts for risk

Richard Lawrence & 80/20 Backlog Refinement

Our beta-test customer advisory board shared the following feedback after completing the course:

    There is so much here I can bring back to my teams and POs to make our jobs easier! -Cristy, ScrumMaster

    This course has practical content to apply right away. – Yu Ju, Agile Coach

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What You Get

  • 17 video lessons and transcripts including:
    • Agile Planning
    • Feature Mining
    • User Stories
    • Workflows and Story Splitting
    • The PO Board
    • Stakeholder Interaction
    • Risk Adjusted Forecasting
    • The Agile Roadmap Pattern
  • Downloadable supplemental materials
  • Miro templates for remote collaboration
  • Bonus Content

Specific examples of how learners are applying what they learn:

Feature Mining
The usual practices we see teams using to break down features often (unfortunately) ends up in task-oriented features, or horizontally sliced efforts that really don’t result in a MMF. Feature Mining, as taught in this course, is a refreshing alternative that walks you through designing an outcome-focused feature. Why have I not seen this until now?? I love this method of breaking down large work and am looking forward to using it with both work and personal projects!
-David, Senior Agile Coach

What’s a (Good) User Story
In our organization, a “**User Story”** is ****a function of our work tracking system. It truly blew my mind that user stories are anything other than an electronic record. Now when I talk about user stories in the conceptual sense and as a format, life instantly gets better for the teams I’m working with.
-Emily, Senior Director, Agile Product Coach

Splitting User Stories & Product Backlog Refinement
I loved your content for splitting user stories—I use it daily. And this course helped me learn how to keep a backlog clean and prioritized, which is something I often struggled with.
-Ana, Product Owner

Humanizing Work’s Co-Founder, Peter Green:

I originally suggested including “Masterclass” in our new 80/20 Product Backlog Refinement course, and we chose not to because we’ve seen how the term has been overused in marketing—often exaggerating or overhyping what’s offered. But this course really is just that. It’s the masterclass for backlog refinement.”

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It’s so good, you’ll want to binge the whole course, just like Cristy:

As a beta-test user of this course, lessons were released to us over time. And when you’re used to binge watching Netflix shows, having to wait for new lessons to be released is really frustrating! The lessons are incredibly helpful, and I kept wanting the next piece!

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