Summer School Sale

Summer is a great time to level up your skills. Work often slows down as people take vacation. There’s space for reading and reflection.

I’ll often pick a personal or professional topic to go deep on during the summer. Then, I get an online course or read as many books on the topic as I can find. As the season draws to a close, I usually write up what I’ve learned to get it all clear in my head and to share it with others.

To help you with your skill development this summer, we’re running a few specials on Humanizing Work courses. But we want you to have the rest of the summer to dive into your learning, so this promotion ends July 3.

Option 1: Online Course Everything Bundle

One of my favorite resources for summer learning is self-guided online courses. My schedule varies, so it’s nice to be able to complete a lesson when I have time and put it into practice right away.

For just $349, you can get access to 6 of our most popular self-guided courses including our newest online course, 80/20 Product Backlog Refinement. The full bundle includes $668 worth of courses:

With the Everything Bundle, you can dive deep into a topic, taking a course from start to finish, or use it as a library and access the modules you need when you need them.

Already have one or two Humanizing Work online courses in your library? Contact us with the email address associated with your account, and we’ll offer you a special price to upgrade to the full bundle.

Option 2: Add an Online Course to Your Live Course

We’re running a few live public courses later this summer:

Our new Humanizing Work Leadership Intensive series kicks off in July. It’s designed for leaders in organizations that have (or want to have) highly-empowered teams and individuals. When leaders don’t have to manage the work, their role changes, and there are new ways to add value. This series equips leaders with thinking tools and practical skills to create high-performing teams and organizations.

In August, we’re offering Certified Scrum Product Owner, our workshop for product managers and product owners who want to collaborate with teams to deliver products customers love.

And in August, we’re also offering Certified ScrumMaster, the workshop for ScrumMasters and team coaches looking to level up their delivery management and facilitation skills.

Register for any of these courses and get a coupon for up to $200 in self-guided online courses from That’s enough to grab one of our flagship online courses, 80/20 Product Backlog Refinement or Facilitating Effective Retrospectives. Start learning immediately and enjoy the full live experience later this summer.

Option 3: A Rare Private Workshop Discount

We rarely discount private workshops. Our clients get a ton of value from our training and coaching, and we don’t think it helps anyone to get into haggling over price. We charge prices we believe are a reasonable investment for the return our clients see.

That said, we have a gap in July we want to fill. We love having an impact with clients, so we’re offering a rare 20% discount on any private workshops for new or existing clients if you can help us fill up July. But it only lasts as long as our July openings do.

Want to level up your organization’s product management capability? Need to launch a new leadership team (so leaders actually function as a real team!)? Want to push the reset button on your team’s collaboration and productivity?

We can help! Contact us to start a conversation.

Summer is a great time for growth. Whether you choose to dive into our online courses, join our live workshops, or book a private workshop, Humanizing Work is here to support your journey towards more effective leadership, product management, and team collaboration.

Don’t miss these limited-time offers to invest in yourself and your team. Email us today to discuss tailoring a learning experience to meet your unique needs and goals.

Thank you for being part of our Humanizing Work community. We look forward to helping you achieve your full potential this summer and beyond!