The Future of Cucumber on .NET

Beginning just over two years ago, I worked with some great developers to create Cuke4Nuke as a way to bring Cucumber to .NET. Shortly after the first releases of Cuke4Nuke, TechTalk released SpecFlow, a native .NET tool inspired by Cucumber. As a pure .NET solution without Ruby dependencies, SpecFlow seemed to be easier for Microsoft shops to adopt. But Cuke4Nuke had (to me) enough advantages that I kept it going. By this summer, however, it was clear that SpecFlow had made up for most of Cuke4Nuke's advantages and had more momentum in the .NET community and was under much more active development. Read More

Cuke4Nuke Needs Your Help

Almost 2 years ago, at the 2009 AA-FTT conference, I started Cuke4Nuke to bring Cucumber to the .NET world. Since then, thanks to… Read More