Team Reboot

Sometimes teams lose momentum

Teams sometimes lose momentum.

Collaboration gets harder. Work gets scattered across competing priorities. Interruptions keep things from getting done. Meetings start to feel like going through the motions.

Keeping a team gelled and high-performing over the long-haul is hard!

And the stakes are high.

Teams are expensive. Indeed, people are the biggest expense in most product organizations. Never mind the opportunity cost associated with lost productivity and lack of strategic focus.

The loaded cost of a single software team in the US can easily amount to $1.5-2m/year.

A struggling team represents tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity.

Fortunately, it’s possible to reboot and realign a team and get it functioning better than ever.

At Humanizing Work, we’ve worked with hundreds of teams across a range of organizations. We’ve dove deep into the research on team effectiveness. And we’ve run our own experiments with clients over the years.

We know how to launch, relaunch, and sustain high-performing, engaged teams.

We can help you take your teams from struggling to thriving.

The Humanizing Work Team Reboot includes…

Context Evaluation — We meet with leaders to understand the team’s context, including the team’s purpose, history, composition, external resources, demand source, relationships with other teams and groups, and more.

Customized Team Retrospective — Based on what we learn in the Context Evaluation, we design and facilitate a retrospective to help the team and close stakeholders zoom out and understand what’s going on with the team. Does the team have what it needs to thrive? Where are the constraints (internal and external) on team effectiveness? What experiments could reveal ways to resolve those constraints?

Customized Team Relaunch — Using outcomes from the Context Evaluation and Team Retrospective, we facilitate working sessions to align the team around key concepts and artifacts. This can include updating the team’s shared purpose, revisiting working agreements, rethinking demand management, adjusting collaboration practices, and refining coordination with outside groups.

Ongoing Support — The standard Team Reboot includes a follow-up video call 4-6 weeks after the final working session to help ensure the team is on track and answer any questions that have emerged. Or, when team effectiveness is critical, you can upgrade for a quarter of ongoing support via video, phone, and email.

Contact us to schedule a discovery call to see if a Team Reboot is right for your team.