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July12-14Beaver Creek,CO

Humanizing Work Conference
  • Humanizing work is all about the values and principles that drive success. It's advanced, intense, highly interactive and a lot of fun." — ”Agile Bob” Hartman, Founder, Agile For All"
  • …the entire attendee experience [is] brain-friendly from start to finish." — Sharon Bowman, Author of Training from the BACK of the Room"

What makes Humanizing Work 2016 different?

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Humanizing Work is an exclusive encounter.

This advanced Agile training is designed to move you further along the Agile thinking and skill continuum in the shortest time possible. The training is offered only to Agile For All alumni, ensuring everyone is a high value attendee — willing learners sharing a common foundation, language and drive for success.

CSM and CSPO Certifications tracks included. See Program

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We’ve transformed the model!

Enjoy a whole new level of brain-friendly Agile learning. We took the learning approach that works so well in our classes and used it to rethink the whole workshop model. The entire three-day event integrates interactive methods to help you maximize learning you can implement immediately and use to transform your own work culture.

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We purposefully limit the event to 80 participants.

Every Humanizing Work breakout session allows personal interaction with like-minded Agile practitioners and two or three top-tier Agile trainers and coaches.

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Humanizing Work gives you advanced, real-world content based on the Agile values and principles that drive success.

This conference surpassed my expectations. I knew it would be different from other conferences I have attended but the focus on people, not just Agile and Software Development, made it most rewarding for me. The biggest challenges in “being Agile” are the “human factors.” Scrum does a good job of exposing impediments; the Humanizing Work advanced Agile training helped me uncover ways to help teams work together to overcome these obstacles. I would (and will) recommend this conference to anyone who is trying to reap all the benefits of being Agile – both human and technical.

- Pamela Fox, Product Manager, Bridgepoint Education

This conference probably had the most value packed into a few days of any conference I’ve ever attended.

- Eric Engelmann, CEO, Geonetric

Thank you so much for an amazing conference and opportunity to learn much, much more about Agile philosophies and applications! It was exciting to hear from actual users how Agile works in software development. The translation to manufacturing seems natural and viable and we each took away several ideas that we would like to implement here.

- Kris VanKleve, CEO, Dental Prosthetic Services

Agile For All has taken the proven brain science and "Training from the Back of the Room" techniques that I have created over the years for classroom learning and turned all of it into a conference like no other. The "Humanizing Work Conference" is the only conference I know of that has completely re-engineered the entire attendee experience to be brain-friendly from start to finish. The result is a totally unique and awesome conference experience! I've been excited and inspired by the Humanizing Work Conference - I'm a believer!

- Sharon Bowman, Author ofTraining from the BACK of the Room

The Humanizing Work advanced Agile training will give you three days of advanced topics and valuable connections. You'll experience varied approaches to learning through our accelerated learning techniques based on brain-science research. You'll be surprised by creative ways to engage and build connections with peers. You'll benefit from the varied experience and expertise of our coaches. And no matter how much experience you've had in Agile, you'll still find yourself considering new ideas.

This training is designed exclusively for Agile For All alumni, allowing us to dive right into advanced topics.

What if I haven't been in an Agile For All class? Learn More

To become a Certified Scrum Master, attend: Let’s Talk Agile: Crucial Conversations with Executives, plus 6 more hours from CSM electives highligted below:
To become a Certified Scrum Product Owner, attend: There's More than One Way to Be a Great Product Owner, How to Deliver So Much Value in Sprint 1 that Your Customer Wants it Now! (And then do it again!) and Let’s Talk Agile: Crucial Conversations with Executives, plus 4 more hours from CSPO electives highligted below:

2016 Program Schedule coming soon. In the meantime, check out our advanced alumni workshop schedule from 2015 below.

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Tuesday, July 14th
09:03 am-09:57 am
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Opening and Welcome with Bob Hartman and Richard Lawrence
10:07 am-10:59 am Fierce Conversations
prev_time_slot=09:03, time_slot = 10:07, prev_time_end = 09:57, time_slot_end = 10:59
Everything Causes Everything Else: Solving Problems Using Systems Thinking
prev_time_slot=10:07, time_slot = 10:07, prev_time_end = 10:59, time_slot_end = 10:59
There’s More than One Way to Be a Great Product Owner
prev_time_slot=10:07, time_slot = 10:07, prev_time_end = 10:59, time_slot_end = 10:59
11:11 am-12:08 pm Gaming the System – Let’s Learn How to Abuse, Game, and Manipulate All of Your Metrics
prev_time_slot=10:07, time_slot = 11:11, prev_time_end = 10:59, time_slot_end = 12:08
Fostering Sustained Agility: What is Needed Outside the Teams?
prev_time_slot=11:11, time_slot = 11:11, prev_time_end = 12:08, time_slot_end = 12:08
Your Journey From Scrum Master to Enterprise Agile Coach
prev_time_slot=11:11, time_slot = 11:11, prev_time_end = 12:08, time_slot_end = 12:08
12:09 pm-12:57 pm Lunch
prev_time_slot=11:11, time_slot = 12:09, prev_time_end = 12:08, time_slot_end = 12:57
01:02 pm-02:26 pm The Coaching Conversation Arc: Moving Beyond Venting to Positive Action
prev_time_slot=12:09, time_slot = 13:02, prev_time_end = 12:57, time_slot_end = 14:26
Harnessing the Molten Core of Agile
prev_time_slot=13:02, time_slot = 13:02, prev_time_end = 14:26, time_slot_end = 14:26
Resistance to Change Doesn’t Exist
prev_time_slot=13:02, time_slot = 13:02, prev_time_end = 14:26, time_slot_end = 14:26
02:38 pm-04:11 pm Building Stronger Relationships and Teams Through Conflict
prev_time_slot=13:02, time_slot = 14:38, prev_time_end = 14:26, time_slot_end = 16:11
Are Your Teams Crushed by External Forces?
prev_time_slot=14:38, time_slot = 14:38, prev_time_end = 16:11, time_slot_end = 16:11
How to Deliver So Much Value in Sprint 1 that Your Customer Wants it Now! (And then do it again!)
prev_time_slot=14:38, time_slot = 14:38, prev_time_end = 16:11, time_slot_end = 16:11
04:16 pm-05:03 pm Let’s Talk Agile: Crucial Conversations with Executives
prev_time_slot=14:38, time_slot = 16:16, prev_time_end = 16:11, time_slot_end = 17:03
06:04 pm-07:57 pm Night Out
prev_time_slot=16:16, time_slot = 18:04, prev_time_end = 17:03, time_slot_end = 19:57
Wednesday, July 15th
09:01 am-09:47 am
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Brain Hacks: How to Change Your Thinking
10:03 am-11:16 am Getting Through to Just About Anyone
prev_time_slot=09:01, time_slot = 10:03, prev_time_end = 09:47, time_slot_end = 11:16
The Organization that Loves Change
prev_time_slot=10:03, time_slot = 10:03, prev_time_end = 11:16, time_slot_end = 11:16
Prioritization Remixed – How to Match Customer (Tactical) Needs to Business (Strategic) Needs
prev_time_slot=10:03, time_slot = 10:03, prev_time_end = 11:16, time_slot_end = 11:16
11:28 am-11:57 am Guided Reflection
prev_time_slot=10:03, time_slot = 11:28, prev_time_end = 11:16, time_slot_end = 11:57
12:02 pm-12:51 pm Lunch
prev_time_slot=11:28, time_slot = 12:02, prev_time_end = 11:57, time_slot_end = 12:51
01:03 pm-02:27 pm Our Retrospectives are BORING! What Can We Do?
prev_time_slot=12:02, time_slot = 13:03, prev_time_end = 12:51, time_slot_end = 14:27
Discovering Your Coaching Stance
prev_time_slot=13:03, time_slot = 13:03, prev_time_end = 14:27, time_slot_end = 14:27
Creating Agile Harmony Between Teams and Organizations
prev_time_slot=13:03, time_slot = 13:03, prev_time_end = 14:27, time_slot_end = 14:27
02:38 pm-04:06 pm Gamestorming the Facilitation Castle
prev_time_slot=13:03, time_slot = 14:38, prev_time_end = 14:27, time_slot_end = 16:06
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – Think Leaner!
prev_time_slot=14:38, time_slot = 14:38, prev_time_end = 16:06, time_slot_end = 16:06
Leadership Laws -­ Liberating the Mind and Working Effectively within Constraints
prev_time_slot=14:38, time_slot = 14:38, prev_time_end = 16:06, time_slot_end = 16:06
04:02 pm-05:03 pm Scaling is for Fish
prev_time_slot=14:38, time_slot = 16:02, prev_time_end = 16:06, time_slot_end = 17:03
Thursday, July 16th
09:02 am-09:28 am
prev_time_slot=, time_slot = 09:02, prev_time_end = , time_slot_end = 09:28
Day 3 Opening
09:35 am-10:54 am Participant Case Studies—What’s actually working in real organizations?
prev_time_slot=09:02, time_slot = 09:35, prev_time_end = 09:28, time_slot_end = 10:54
11:01 am-11:58 am Guided Reflection—Transforming your life and work
prev_time_slot=09:35, time_slot = 11:01, prev_time_end = 10:54, time_slot_end = 11:58
12:03 pm-12:52 pm Lunch
prev_time_slot=11:01, time_slot = 12:03, prev_time_end = 11:58, time_slot_end = 12:52
12:59 pm-02:51 pm Emergent Topics
prev_time_slot=12:03, time_slot = 12:59, prev_time_end = 12:52, time_slot_end = 14:51
03:01 pm-03:31 pm Closing Session
prev_time_slot=12:59, time_slot = 15:01, prev_time_end = 14:51, time_slot_end = 15:31

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Humanizing Work


ScrumAlliance® Certified ScrumMaster®ScrumAlliance® Certified Scrum Product Owner

Bob Hartman, known as “Agile Bob,” brings over 30 years of experience and broad industry knowledge cultivated by serving in almost every role in the software industry including developer, tester, documentation writer, trainer, product manager, project manager, business analyst, senior software engineer, development manager and executive. Over the past 15 years Bob has grown from being an early adopter of Agile to his current status as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) and an expert in training, coaching and mentoring across all areas of Agile development. Bob is a popular speaker, having spoken at numerous major conferences, seminars, workshops and user group meetings where his engaging style, holistic view of development and personal anecdotes are always well received by attendees. He is currently serving on the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors as Vice Chairman.

Peter Saddington, has been in software development since 1997, starting out as a developer at Johnson & Johnson. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and an Organizational Scientist. Prior to joining Agile For All he founded Action & Influence, which was named the Best Training Company in Atlanta in 2013. He writes for which is one of the top 20 agile software development blogs in the world, as well as being the author of “The Pocket Agile Guide” published in 2012. Holding Masters degrees in Counseling, Education and Religion, Peter brings an extensive educational background to everything he does. He also gives back to his community by being a volunteer counselor.

Henry Dittmer, has over 30 years of both engineering and executive experience in product development. He has led multi-location international teams and, as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner, is a firm advocate of MBTI to help people understand themselves and better communicate and work with others. Henry’s experience as an engineer and executive at Bell Labs, Lucent and Avaya adds depth to Agile For All’s executive training and coaching offerings.

Tricia Broderick, has more than 17 years of experience in software development. She is a certified Trainer From The Back Of The Room, ACP, PMP, and SAFe Professional Consultant. Prior to joining Agile For All, Tricia served as Director of Development, Agile Coach and Manager of Project Management for numerous companies, helping lay the groundwork to shift teams from one-year product cycles to feasible daily delivery of high-quality software and services. She openly shares this first-hand experience to inspire people to reach new heights through continuous reflection and growth. Tricia is a frequent keynote speaker at national Agile conferences, and regularly shares Agile leadership insights through her well-known blog, Lead to the Edge.

Richard Lawrence, is co-owner of Agile For All. He trains and coaches teams and organizations to become happier and more productive. He draws on a diverse background in software development, engineering, antropology, and political science. Richard is one of a handful of Certified Scrum Coaches and is a certified trainer of the accelerated learning method, Training from the Back of the Room. His book, “Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber” is due out from Addison-Wesley later this year.

Jake Calabrese, is a coach, trainer, and coach-consultant working to improve Agile practices, address cultural challenges, and move teams and leaders to go beyond yesterday’s best practices to better practices. Jake uses ideas from various areas of thinking such as: Lean, professional coaching, facilitation, Agile, Scrum, and real Agile analysis. He has unique expertise as an Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC) and as a coach for Agile adoptions beyond software development which he brings to each client engagement.

Peter Green, led a grass roots Agile transformation at Adobe from 2005 to 2015, starting with his own team, Adobe Audition. His influence includes the teams behind such software flagships as Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro, as well as dozens of internal IT and platform technology teams and groups like marketing and globalization. His work was a major factor enabling Adobe product teams through the critical business transition from perpetual desktop products to the subscription-based service, Creative Cloud. His hands-on Scrum and Agile training and coaching at all levels of the organization including executives, helped lay the groundwork to shift teams from two-year product cycles to frequent delivery of high-quality software and services. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), instructional designer, coach, facilitator, and a popular speaker at Tech, Agile, and Scrum conferences.

Humanizing Work 2016 will be held at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa, Beaver Creek, Colorado. This resort is known for providing a singular experience in one of the world’s most incredible mountain settings


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The resort does not provide shuttle service and only offers valet parking for $15 daily.
We recommend booking your transportation through Colorado Mountain Express with the special rate of $67 one way, per person. (For comparison, a taxi from from the Denver airport just to downtown Denver costs about $60.)
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