A new company created

to make work
more fit for humans
and humans more
capable of doing
great work

Is your organization thriving? How about you? Are you thriving in your organization? Many organizations, and the individuals within them, are grateful to simply survive. 

We believe that you can do more than survive — you can thrive! 

Most organizations are built like machines: Inputs, outputs, and controls have been designed to create repeatable outcomes, a la an assembly line. That might have worked 100 years ago. 


But the world has changed, and so have workers. 

At Humanizing Work we believe the keys to creating an effective workplace—and helping individuals thrive at work—are simple. They are:

1. Growth

Humans have a core need to improve, to see potential in their future, and to achieve mastery. Growth is about never being “done” or “finished.” It’s about constantly striving to learn and improve. When we are growing, we are happy and productive. 

2. Collaboration

No matter where you land on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, your brain is wired to connect with other humans. Unfortunately, many of us work on our individual tasks in the same vicinity as other workers who are working on their individual tasks. That’s not collaboration!  We are social creatures. We do our best work when we work together. 

3. Creativity

People are designed to create: to make things, to build social bonds, to develop new ideas, to leave a mark. When work is stripped of creativity, it becomes dull and lifeless. When we feel fully engaged in creating, we thrive.

4. Impact

We are innately driven to make things better for other people. The purpose can be big like curing a disease, or it can be small like improving a business process. When we understand how our work helps others, it taps into our deep desire to leave a positive impact — and we are most satisfied. 

We’ve chosen this as our life’s work. And we love it! 

It’s simple. But not easy. Think of a situation where you were frustrated at work. We’ll bet at least one of these four keys was missing. Creating and maintaining an effective workplace requires ongoing focus and effort. 

Unexpected benefits. The dozens of organizations and hundreds of teams we’ve worked with over the past 15 years came to us to help make their workplaces happier and more productive. As a natural result of practicing the four keys, almost all of them have enjoyed significant financial gains. 

We help individuals too. You might not be fortunate enough to work in an organization that applies the Humanizing Work approach. If not, hope is not lost! We have worked with thousands of thriving individuals.  

Let’s talk. If you or your organization are struggling with creating an effective workplace, check out our events and services or contact us.