we make work
more fit for humans
and humans more
capable of doing
great work

Leaders working together
Humanizing Work helps leaders who are interested in getting disproportional results, in having an impact much greater than they’ve ever had before, and in experiencing a level of ease and flow that’s extraordinarily different from any previous experience.

A cross-functional team of people empowered and skilled up to collaborate together can produce so much more value than a group of individual experts directed by a leader acting as the chess-master. But this requires a new way of thinking about the work and a new set of skills for both leaders and team members.

Humanizing Work partners with organizations to build the structures for this kind of collaboration and to help people across a range of roles develop the capability to thrive in that setting. 

For Executives: 

For Managers: 

  • Move from being the expert who’s a bottleneck for your teams to unlocking their capacity by using our 3 Jobs of Management model to organize your work.
  • Grow your coaching and facilitation skills to help your direct reports grow and accomplish more.

For Product Owners: 

  • Take our CSPO and Advanced CSPO workshops, and learn how to discover and solve your customers’ real problems instead of just taking requests for incremental improvements.

For ScrumMasters: 

  • Move from running meetings and putting out fires to being a strategic resource on your team who multiplies everyone’s capabilities. Learn how in our CSM workshop.

For Teams: 

  • Attend an Agile for Teams workshop together to go from a group of individuals having meetings together to a real team collaborating to achieve meaningful outcomes with ease and flow.
  • Use our Team Launch Sequence to launch or relaunch a team with a structured two weeks that catalyze long-term effectiveness.

Whether you’re a leader or team member, if you’ve accomplished a lot up to this point but you’re ready to unlock new levels of impact and ease, we’d love to help. It’s possible to sustain good performance on your own for a while. It’s even possible to make incremental improvements if you’re committed enough. But breakthroughs in effectiveness? Those almost always require a partner to help you make it happen.

Join one of our public workshops, sign up for an online course, or contact us to discuss a transformational engagement in your organization.