A Breakthrough Approach to Hiring

Hiring is hard. Everywhere.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You hire a candidate that was fantastic in the interview, but once they’ve joined the team, they aren’t contributing the way you expected them to.
  • You spend months coaching someone, but you see little or no return for the time invested.
  • Team morale has dipped because the team is weary of the disruption and additional work caused by a team member who isn’t “pulling their weight”.
  • You make the difficult decision to help a team member who isn’t working out exit the company, and then find yourself right back at square one of the hiring process all over again.

According to Glassdoor, it takes an average of 23 days to hire a new employee, and some surveys indicate that almost half of new employees fall through within 18 months. Almost half fall through.

This might sound like the moment to give in to despair, but it’s not. Our good friends at TheraSpecs developed a new sustainable and scalable approach for hiring to grow a more human-centric company, and we’re really excited to share it with you in a special episode of The Humanizing Work Show.

Here’s a quick 3 minute excerpt:

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Can you have business success and create a culture that is engaging and meaningful where people can really thrive? We believe you can. The full hiring episode includes a ton of interesting content around this. We pre-released the episode for an executive whose company is experiencing rapid growth, and after quickly implementing just a couple of ideas from the episode, he reported feeling “like I suddenly had interviewing superpowers!” Check out the full episode and start developing your hiring superpower.

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Hiring is one example of leading differently in a human-centric organization. We explore this deeper in our Leading Amazing Teams (LOT) workshop and our Agile Management series. Here are some opportunities to learn more and level up your skills.

Leading Organizational Transformation

The Leading Organizational Transformation workshop is designed to share the key tools that help leaders address the most common challenges we hear from our clients. Drawn from complexity science, the Agile movement, the psychology of change, the latest thinking in leadership development, and illustrated with inspiring examples throughout, this 2-day virtual workshop gives leaders a clear understanding of why things are the way they are, tools to help get unstuck in their transformation efforts, and practical ways to apply those tools immediately following the workshop.

Past attendees shared the following feedback on this course:

I am an executive at our company and I went into the training expecting to learn about scrums and tribes. Instead, I was treated to a very enlightening and interactive experience providing thought leadership around organizational transformation. I was very engaged from start to finish.

[Humanizing Work] consistently delivers high-quality, engaging, impactful training and this course was no exception.

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Intro to Agile Management

If Agile teams are self-organizing, what do the managers do?

After over a decade of searching for answers to this question, we’ve found some answers that have helped managers in organizations across multiple industries empower their teams, increase engagement, and provide innovation and value that significantly improved business results. Join us for a virtual half-day workshop to develop your capability to be a different kind of manager, one that creates the conditions for high-performing teams to thrive.

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