Key Ideas of the Week

Culture Signals

Why does Zappos celebrate wildly inefficient customer service calls? Why did FAVI brick up the window that allowed managers to see what was happening on… Read More

Cultivating Good Luck

“We just got lucky.” “That was bad luck.” Luck feels like a thing that just happens to us, whether good or bad. But what… Read More

Borrow to Unlock a Breakthrough

Borrow to Unlock a Breakthrough In his book Range, David Epstein describes a classic cognitive psychology experiment (p. 104ff). Participants in the experiment are… Read More

Using Questions Well

Using Questions Well In this week’s HW Show episode, we talked about coaching and particularly what makes for a good question when you’re in… Read More


A key idea that came up in both last week’s leadership community of practice and in this week’s HW Show episode was the own-influence-respond model. Read More

Prioritization Heuristics

When we survey Product Owners on the techniques they (actually, not officially) use to prioritize backlogs, we consistently get three answers: HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s… Read More