How to Give a Great Sprint Demo

Exciting. Entertaining. Do these words describe your sprint review meetings? Or are boring and unfocused more accurate? I can't believe how many times I've come in to coach a team and they've been surprised when I actually expected to see a software demo in the sprint review meeting. As the agile principle says, “Working software is the primary measure of progress.” Let's see some software! Why are so many agile teams so hesitant to do demos? Why are demos so lifeless? Sometimes, the team's not actually done. That makes a demo awkward. Other times, they can't communicate what they did to the stakeholders; they don't speak “business.” But most often, they simply don't know how to give a good demo. So, how do you give a good demo? Read on to find out »

Dealing with “technical stories”

In this episode, Richard and Peter take on the challenge of so-called “technical stories,” backlog items that emerge from a development team and that don’t represent a clear slice of customer value. How should a product owner handle these? Are “technical stories” even a thing? Read More

Mark Ethier, founder of iZotope

In this episode, Richard and Peter talk with Mark Ethier, founder of leading audio production software company iZotope. Even if you’ve never heard of iZotope, you’ve heard the results of their products—they’ve won Emmy, Oscar, and NAMM awards for their contributions to TV, film, and music production. Among other topics in this dense episode, Richard, Peter, and Mark discuss how iZotope went through different “stages” of Agile, what Mark has learned in two decades as a leader, how to develop managers, and the future of work and of music. Read More

The Surgeon General Has Something to Say About Humanizing Work

In this episode, Richard and Peter look into a recent report from the US Surgeon General on “Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being” as well as the business media’s puzzling reporting on it. Spoiler alert: the Surgeon General has a lot to say about why making work fit humans matters and the mainstream business media can’t make sense of it. Read More

Humanizing Work 2022 Conference Participant Takeaways

We’ve just returned from hosting the 2022 edition of our annual Humanizing Work Conference in Veil, Colorado. On the last day of the conference, we asked a few of the participants to share an idea or concept they picked up that was particularly meaningful or useful to them, that they thought you might benefit from hearing. Click to check it out! Read More

Why Simulations in Training?

From time to time, a prospective client or a participant in a workshop asks something like, “Why do you use hypothetical examples for practice in… Read More