HW Conference Care Kit

Welcome to your Humanizing Work 2021 Conference Care Package!

Normally when we’re together in person, we’re able to craft a unique experience across 3 days with thoughtful content, experiences, and food. Since we’re meeting virtually this year, we’ve tried to pack a little bit of that experience in a box to set you up for the day we’ll be spending together.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Morning Brew

Miir Traveler

Use your sleek HW Miir Traveler to keep your hot stuff hot and your cold stuff…(you guessed it)…cold. We love Miir because they’re “Design Forward. Generosity Driven.” And their practices back up their claim. Miir sets aside a portion of their revenue to fund projects that focus on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities.

Drip Kit Coffee

We’ve provided a Dripkit to set up you up with a single-serve pour over cup of Verve Coffee Roaster’s Seabright House blend.

Verve Coffee Roasters are really cool. They’ve started Farmlevel initiatives to support sustainable growing practices, pay fair prices, and source through direct relationships.

Verve describes the Seabright House blend as starting “ with a mild tartness of bing cherry with a sweetness like warm Marzipan and a clean and distinct finish..” Mildy tart, sweetly warm, clean and distinct. These are all the right notes to kick off HW 2021!

TeaForte Tea

TeaForte works directly with their growers, and as you know, collaboration is something we really love! We also love that TeaForte seeks to blend extraordinary teas with beautiful presentation (not to mention recyclable materials). We’re providing you with a delicious English Breakfast tea and a lovely herbal, non-caffeinated Citrus Mint tea.

Noteworthy Supplies

Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Tip

No explanation necessary, right? Always good to have a sharpie handy. For posters. For solo cups. For labels. For life.

Sharpie S-Gel pen

Maybe the “S” in S-GEL is for smooth, sharp lines. We freaking love the S-Gels and hope you do too.

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

Get ready to fan yourself because these notebooks are swoon-worthy:

  • A sewn binding that allows it to lay flat. Meaning, it stays open when you want it open.
  • Table of Contents pages for you to fill in and easily reference your notes.
  • A back pocket to stash whatever you want to keep hold of and treasure (perhaps the HW 2021 program?).
  • A sheet of stickers at the back to label the spine and title page or cover.
  • Dot grid pages to guide your notes, diagrams, doodles.

Leuchtturm1917 says “Writing by hand is thinking on paper.” We hope you enjoy using this notebook to catch and carry all the good thinking shared during the conference and beyond.

HW Team Curated Snacks

We’ve included a few snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Here are the team picks:

From Peter: Second Nature Wholesome Medley

From Tricia: Chewy Sweetarts

From Angie: Torres Black Truffle Chips

From Richard: Honey Roasted Pistachios (IOU – Sold out everywhere)

Note: The pistachios were sold out everywhere at the time care packages were assembled. Come to HW 2022, and we’ll supply these as long as we’re able to get our hands on them!

Evening Brew

Your happy hour mini-kit in a box includes:

HW lowball glass

Cold brew filter bag

Marrakech Blend Cocktail infusion packet from 1pt Co.

1pt Co. infusions were born from a tradition of gathering friends and family, and doesn’t that sound just right for the HW community? They use all-natural ingredients and this Marrakech Blend contains no sugar, gluten, dairy, GMO, or any artificial additives.

Some prep work is required to be ready for happy hour at the end of our conference day since it can take 1-3 hours to infuse your beverage base of choice. Simply empty the contents of the infusion blend packet into the cold brew filter bag and place in your spirit or liquid of choice to create the base of your cocktail or mocktail. 1pt Co’s Marrakech Lemonade recipe is included in the box. We used a bottle of simple syrup we bought (you can easily make your own at home) and added a dash of salt.

Adventurous folks may want to try this recipe.

For a non-alcoholic version, we recommend infusing lemonade with the Marrakech blend and adding some soda water to taste.

Learning Group Assignment

An animal sticker sticker has been affixed to the top of your happy hour mini-kit box, and we did that so it wouldn’t get lost in box contents during transport. Keep your sticker close— it’ll help you find your learning group!

Celebration Throw Streamers

We wanted to include a bit of celebration after a long and stressful year+, so your care package includes a pouch of celebration streamers. What’s great about these is that clean-up is super easy since one end of each of the 30 thin streamer ribbons is attached to the pouch. The streamers extend out further than you might think, so give yourself some room. We recommend that your throw hard and high. Here’s a video on how-to use these celebration streamers (though I peel open the pouch a little more than the video shows).

It’s not required for you to use your celebration throw streamers at HW 2021. Use it when you feel the need to celebrate, whether it’s with us, with family, your team, or a celebration by yourself for a personal win. Know that we, the HW community, are cheering you on!