Thanks for attending Strategies for Recession Survival

Thanks for attending our session on Strategies for Recession Survival! Richard and Peter enjoyed the time with you.

Additional Resources

Interested in additional training to level up your skills?

As we mentioned at the end of our time together, we’d love to help those interested in additional training. Here are the discount codes we shared, available on a first come, first served basis. These discounts can apply to both our upcoming public workshops and our online self-guided trainings.

  • rwebinar40 – 40% off available for the first 5 users
  • rwebinar25 – 25% off available for the first 10 users
  • rwebinar10 – 10% off available to all

We also offering a limited number of heavily discounted seats to our Q1 public courses (CSM, CSPO, A-CSPO, LOT) for anyone who is currently unemployed. We’ll be offering these seats “at-cost”. If you or anyone you know is unemployed and are interested in attending a Q1 training with us, please contact us at

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