How We Dealt with Resistance to Change

In a case of “drinking our own champagne,” we applied the tools we teach for dealing with resistance to change to a real conflict on our team. Peter wanted to make a big change to our WordPress theme. Richard had some strong resistance to that change. Something had to give. Listen in to see how we used that resistance as a resource to come up with a breakthrough solution. Read More

Do Product Owners Do Strategy?

Is strategy part of the Product Owner role? Not just in theory, but in the real world? We interviewed POs to find out how strategy shows up in their responsibilities. In this episode, we share what we learned and what we recommend to our clients when it comes to POs and product strategy. Read More

Using Vision as a Filter

In a recent Humanizing Work Show episode, How to Craft A Vision Statement That’s Not Just Corporate Speak, we talked about the… Read More

Teams Need a Shared Purpose

A team is a relatively small, clearly defined group of people who work together towards a shared purpose. In practice, many groups that people call… Read More

How to Communicate Strategy with the Strategy Steps Canvas

In this episode, we’ll share how strategy connects with mission and vision, and how to communicate the key aspects of your strategy using our Strategy Steps Canvas. We use Tesla’s 2006 strategy as a real-world example, demonstrating how the strategy steps approach connects concrete outcomes to long term impact. Tune in to see how you can use our canvas to simplify and effectively communicate your strategic plans. Read More

Lightweight Async Feedback

In March, we published a Humanizing Work Show episode about the approach we’ve developed for getting feedback on work-in-progress. It’s a structure… Read More

Burnout and Disengagement on Agile Teams

In this episode, Richard digs into the causes and fixes for burnout and disengagement on Agile (or ostensibly Agile) teams. Agile teams should be the most motivating teams to be on—opportunity for autonomy, mastery, and purpose are built right in. But, too often, that’s not how it plays out. Tune in to learn how to avoid or address some common patterns that create burnout and disengagement. Read More

What to Focus On in 1-on-1s

Managers know they should do 1-on-1s with their direct reports, but they don’t often get much guidance about how to make those 1-on-1s worthwhile. Read More

Four Trail Strategies to Transform a Bad Day at Work

When, like the children’s book character Alexander, you’re having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at work, how do you turn things around? In this episode, Peter shares four strategies he used to do just that on what started out as a really tough trail run, strategies that are just as powerful at work. Read More