Celebrating 100 Episodes

I hope our show, and our consulting and writing and all the things we do, can play some role in helping people find the core of what made things like Scrum so effective for you and me when we first discovered them, and make human centric work more of a thing in the world.

It’s episode 100 of the Humanizing Work Show! In this episode, Richard and Peter highlight their favorite episodes so far and why they’re worth revisiting. Then, they reflect on how their thinking has changed since the show started, what they’ve learned from producing the show, and what they hope is true 100 episodes from now.

Episode Links

Richard’s Favorite Episodes

Season 2 Episode 2: Jazz, Teams, and Work

A Breakthrough in Hiring with TheraSpecs

The Three Jobs of Management (HW Show)

Interview with Lee McCormack

Peter’s Favorite Episodes

Couch to Running 45 Miles Across the Grand Canyon

Review Agenda

Culture Signals

Cracking the Code of Effective Leadership with the Leadership Circle

Audience Favorite Episodes

Handling Unrealistic Deadlines

What do I focus on as a new Product Owner?

PO Board Overview

“The Scrum Episodes”

Why Scrum works when it works

Effective Sprint Planning

How To Have a More Effective Daily Scrum Tomorrow

Effective Sprint Reviews

Two Key Moves for Better Sprint Retrospectives

These Six Things Improve How Teams Work

Dealing with Interruptions on a Scrum Team


Laloux Culture Model (2022 Update)


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