Communicating In Uncertainty

As a leader you are being asked to make an assertion about the future that is, by its nature, uncertain. If you want to be effective, to lead with integrity, you need to be willing to accept the consequences of your assertion.

In this episode, Peter delves into a pivotal moment for Adobe execs, one that showcases the art of communicating big shifts with clarity and integrity. From that example and dozens more, we’ll then distill the six critical tools top leaders use to paint a vivid vision while embracing the uncertain roadmap to reach it. From owning the potential downsides of a choice to communicating how and when we’ll pivot, this episode sheds light on how inspiring leaders balance ambition with grounded realism. Whether you’re spearheading a corporate transformation or setting team OKRs, these insights will empower you to lead with conviction and honesty.

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Getting Feedback on a Work In Progress

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